Ville Rintala

“For me, a resilient attitude is the most important aspect of staying fit. When one is training, one truly is training and doesn’t dabble in something else. I demand 100% commitment from my trainees as well as myself, but I never ask anyone to do something I can’t do myself.

I have over ten years of experience in functional fitness and combat sports. As an instructor I have worked for over five years. In my opinion, a good coach is never ready. That’s why I still strive to learn as much as possible about training, teaching and well-being.”

A Versatile Coach and Personal Trainer

  • Licensed instructor and coach of Finnish Weightlifting Federation
  • Certified Training for Warriors Instructor
  • Spartan Gear Kettlebell Instructor
  • Spartan Gear Functional Fitness Instructor
  • Spartan Gear Bodyweight Instructor
  • Founder and Chief Instructor of TFW Turku Gym